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I am running for Assembly!

Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Champion Boxer

Media Personality


-Jake, 9 years old camper at Cara's Fitness Camp

Cara changed
my life and made me stronger.” 


Champion Cara Castronuova on what being FIERCE really means. EVERLAST CAMPAIGN.

 Cara Castronuova is a celebrity fitness trainer, athlete, activist and media personality. She was featured as a head trainer on NBC’s hit television show “The Biggest Loser”, where she helped propel the show to its highest ratings ever. Castronuova is a champion boxer and past nationally ranked two-time Golden

Gloves Champion. 


She has acted as a spokesperson for many sports, fitness and nutrition companies such as Puma, Modell's Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, Kind Bars and Purium Health. She made history by becoming the first female spokesperson on Everlast’s extensive roster of champions.


She holds a master’s certification by the International Sports Science Association, and she is certified as a boxing coach by the New York State Athletic Commission. 


Castronuova has created content for & appeared as a sports figure &  fitness/health expert for outlets inc. NBC, MSG, Entertainment Tonight, E!, Bravo's "Top Chef Masters", Cablevision Channel 12 News, Fios, various major "Morning Shows", Newsday, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Shape Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, TMZ, The National Enquirer, TV Guide and as the feature story on the cover of "USA TODAY" 


She appears regularly as a boxing reporter, color commentator/analyst and fitness expert on various media. She is currently an apprentice judge and referee for USA Boxing. Her personal goal is to be one of the first females in the modern day to referee     a professional male heavyweight championship fight.


Castronuova has trained extensively in martial arts and other fighting techniques, which led to past acting opportunities primarily as a stuntwoman and stunt coordinator. Castronuova combined her fighting and training background to start her company, Fighter Fitness Corp., whose mission is to help people find “their fighter within” and make their own comebacks on the road to good health. 


Castronuova is most proud of her work in founding “Knockout Obesity Foundation”, a charity dedicated to helping youth who struggle with obesity and need help in obtaining a healthy lifestyle. She currently acts as Executive Director and spokeswoman. She is also the Program Director of many of the Foundation’s projects, and has successfully created and operated various notable community fitness programs for children and adults. She has spearheaded programs such as popular “Woman Warrior” and “Kid Warrior” camps, aimed at empowering women and children by teaching them the virtues of boxing. Her programs have had tremendous media support and coverage. They have earned the support of local politicians, police, civic  groups and members of the communities they serve.


She is also actively involved in creating community programs aimed at keeping endangered youth and young adults off the streets and in the boxing gym. Castronuova believes that boxing is an excellent metaphor for teaching youth certain virtues that will impact their lives overall and assist them in growing into better people and citizens of society. She believes that community boxing gyms are a deterrence to gang violence and keep kids off the street and in the gym. Her vision for Knockout Obesity Foundation is one that will continue to embrace this philosophy and successfully implement programs into communities that are in dire need of intervention.


Please see, or call 1-844-CARA-FIT for more information. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for her latest updates.


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Cara on Maxim Event Red Carpet
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